Welcome to The Coach. A Hero's Journey to the integrated man.

Together we will walk a path to unravel the mysteries that may be holding you back from the life you desire. We will look at the limiting beliefs you hold and create realistic goals for you to be the man you want to be in relationships, work and life. 

Hi, I'm Coach Alister

A coach on a course I went to 15 years ago, who didn't know me at all, called me straight up on my sh*t, she said I can tell you manipulate people for what you want. I was shocked. How dare she say that. I worked really hard most of my life to build a persona of a Nice Guy that would hide those parts I least wanted people to see in me. But she spotted me, and it took me another year to own it for myself. When I was 40 I started to turn my troubled existence around. My ruminating brain had spent so long lamenting the decisions I had made, some with a lot of toxic shame, that's the nasty self talk that usually spirals into self hatred. No one ever saw that side of me much however, I was so adapt at hiding it. 

I got divorced, met my new partner and have travelled a journey that has tested me in every way to this day. I believe that relationships are about growing, not happiness. I am grateful for me wife who has stuck with me through some of the worst Nice Guy traits. I can tick yes on most of the items in the quiz.

I have three awesome children, two of them young adults and 1 under 10. They have been my greatest teachers. 

I am a serial entrepreneur. Run more businesses than I can remember, some successful, others total failures. I learnt most from those ones. Now, I am dedicated to being in service and helping others find their truth and life's purpose. This is my new hero's journey, to spend more time as the guide, this is where I feel life is most fulfilling for me. I really wish I had found the support I needed along the way, things might have turned out a bit easier! I look forward to listening to your story.

A few more things about me...

  • 30+ years as an entrepreneur mainly in sales, marketing and export sales.
  • Passionate about access to health food and agreements.
  • I ran Richie McCaw, Dan Carter and Ali Williams' charity for about 3 years.
  • Background in IT software development, exporting, product development of natural products
  • Full-time student studying Counselling in Auckland