Let's go on a journey, a hero's journey, it will be epic, in search of the rare integrated male.

I will be your guide as you negotiate the treacherous terrain of your life, your relationships, your goals and ambitions.

What does coaching look like?

As I said above, coaching to becoming an integrated male will be a journey, one worthy of a true hero. You have already endured a lot in your life so far, but mostly you haven't found that thing you are looking for and it's bugging you big time. Maybe you are wondering if you actually have what it takes, judging yourself, confused about which way to go.

We all need a guide from time to time. Someone in our corner. Someone to listen without judgement and support you to find your authentic self. Someone who has been on his own hero's journey that can point out the blind spots and go to toxic shame what may be binding you. 

Warning: this hero's journey won't be easy. It will require an honest look where you are at, what's holding you back and resetting a new paradigm through accountability and challenges.

The result is you, living an authentic life, where you get to chose the story and having the tools and skills to achieve it.

  • Weekly 60 minute coaching calls
  • Access 24/7 via messaging or email
  • Psychometric career test
  • Goal orientated challenges 
  • Mindfulness training
  • Cloud based shared progress document
  • Weekly homework and stretches
  • 3-6 month journey together
Let's get started

Make some time for you and create the life you dream of.